OneOffixx Template Management:
Your Simply Ideal Solution for Microsoft Office!

Facilitate your daily workflows

Boost your efficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook: Have you ever had problems executing a complex formatting in Excel? Do you know the feeling, when the Office help and search functions create more confusion than clarity?

Facilitate your workflows with the OneOffixx template management: Thanks to OneOffixx, no more time-consuming search for the correct application is needed. The outstanding usability of the OneOffixx template management system enables quick and easy operations. From zero to Office hero with OneOffixx!

OneOffixx Template Management

Once you have put it to use, you will never want to take a step back again

Do you know the following situation, when you duplicate an existing invoice to issue a new one? Has it ever happened to you that you forgot changing the date, amount or any other obsolete information? Have you ever had to re-type similar letters, emails or offers over and over again? Unnecessary mistakes are accumulated when taking care of boring and recurring tasks, which is very annoying.

With the OneOffixx template managment these issues are a thing of the past: Previously defined templates and text blocks eliminate errors right at the beginning. The process of duplicating and re-typing documents is made redundant. Simply ideal: You can create your own text modules and share them with your colleagues at any time. Working with Microsoft Office has never been so easy!

Professional documents through and through

PowerPoint presentations, official correspondence, Excel data and business letters: The OneOffixx template managment supports your professional business documentation on all levels. Your email signature, company invoice or PowerPoint master is automatically created via previously defined templates. OneOffixx extracts your personal contact data from the central data mangement and creates your individual business documents in line with the company’s unified corporate design.

OneOffixx Template Management

OneOffixx makes the simply impossible possible: The template management system enables you to deliver brilliant results and a higher output, while having more more fun at work!

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